The Actress Q&A with Irene Raymond

The Actress Q&A with Irene Raymond

Join us as we ask Irene, a fashion and beauty influencer from Manchester, all about our head-turning fragrance The Actress. 

What inspires you? 

For me, inspiration comes from knowing that I can be anything I want to be and achieve any goal I set for myself if I work for it constantly, never giving up no matter how challenging. There is nothing like creating something amazing from nothing. 

What kind of scents do you like to wear? 

I love to describe my kind of scent as a statement scent,  one that literally announces my presence and turns head each time. Unique, deep ,classy and loud at the same time. I remember someone came to me and said ''oh I knew it was you! I recognised your scent from afar,” and that felt great. 







What is your favourite note in The Actress? 

   My favourite notes in The Actress has to be   the bergamot, the very first scent that the perfume opens with. I love how it sets a unique first impression giving the perfume an edge. I also love the rich smell of sandalwood. It lingers on skin for so long, adding more resonance to the perfume. 








Do you have any tips on how to start your day with elegance and confidence?  

  1. Plan your day because being confident means being in control, that includes being in control of your day. 
  1. Dress for your day – dressing in something that makes you feel confident in itself motivates you for the day ahead, include a perfume that announces your presence and boosts your mood, why not! 

 How does The Actress make you feel? 

The Actress makes me feel noticed, rich and unique all at the same time. I feel convinced of turning heads wherever I go and I am always prepared to tell anyone who asks, because they always ask, all about this fragrance. 

Who is your favourite leading lady? 

My favourite leading lady at the moment is Rihanna; I love her relentless hard work, transitioning into an even better version of herself in her career – from a highly rated musician to a successful businesswoman. To me she is a constant reminder that I can succeed at anything I set my heart on, if I work for it. 


When and where do you wear The Actress? 

I wear The Actress to larger gatherings where I want to be seen and noticed, such as at work, professional meetings, weddings and parties. I also love to wear it when travelling as I know I will meet new people along the way and The Actress will pleasantly introduce me to them before anything else. 


Find out more about The Actress [link to product page] 

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