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The Stylist™

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Stylists make our world more beautiful and attractive. Be it a timeless creation or something altogether more flamboyant. This scent stands out, not because it is loud but because it is beautifully put together. Chic. Timeless. And a trifle eccentric.



Eccentric, Chic, Timeless

Top: Aldehydes, Mango
Heart: Tamarind, Palo Santo, Frankincense
Bottom: Cedar, Tobacco, Vanilla

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The scent of style

Bitter orange bigarade combines with the flashbulb glamour of aldehydes. Add the cleverly coordinated separates of rum and a mango absolute. Palo santo brings flair to the heart alongside frankincense and the edgy bite of tamarind. An elegant base is conjured from two cedars from Morocco and Virginia, a smooth tobacco absolute, oakmoss, musk and a trim of vanilla cream.

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