A Brand Built on Collaboration

At the heart of everything we do, SAINT GILES is about bringing people together. Whether collaborating with master perfumers such as Bertrand Duchafour or up and coming perfumers, writers and artists, SAINT GILES is a uniquely collaborative brand that provides a platform for talent to be showcased through creative partnerships. It is about celebrating the people that make the characters.

St. Giles is the result of my personal passion for fragrance, nudged and nurtured by some of the greatest talents in the industry with whom I have worked with for over two decades. The perfumes are made in collaboration with Master Perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour whose vision I have long admired and whose friendship I cherish.

Michael Donovan - Creative Director

Bertrand Duchaufour’s now-legendary career began in the mid-80’s at the very center of the perfume universe, Grasse. In the quarter-century since, Duchaufour has become a true rock star of the niche perfume world - a creative dynamo whose only creative “limitation” of any kind is a refusal to compromise on quality or vision. While themes of wild, natural vegetation and animalic accords are often noted, Duchaufour seems unrestrained by any one style or trademark, opting instead to jump boldly into new challenges, which more often than not result in new successes. A true master of modern perfume.

Exclusive to Selfridges